No matter how complex the content, I have the unique ability to simplify the content and make it digestible for learners of all modalities.


Correctly identifying the target audience while designing a course that meets the expectations and requirements of the learner.


Balancing learning and interactivity to produce materials which not only entertain, but meet the learning objectives.


Delivering innovative ideas that are unique and meet the leads of the client as well as the end user.


Ability to guide the client by listening to their needs and offering suggestions which will meet the desired learning outcomes.


I facilitate high-quality, comprehensive instructor-led and eLearning curricula.
As a life long learner and seasoned educator my number one objective is to align your training needs with your business goals and strategies.


Accomplished instructional designer with an impressive record of increased responsibility with professional development of staff in public school settings... Focused problem solver who uses academic competencies and pedagogues to develop practical solutions, and creations of interdisciplinary dialogue opportunities... Skilled communicator with strong organizational skills, who clarifies educational needs of students, builds strong working relationships with staff and all levels of administration. A successful developer of communication avenues with the school community... An instructional leader... Who leads by example.

Personal Info

  • 571.252.9081
  • 11705 Karbon Hill Ct. #K | Reston, VA | 20191


What people have said who have attended a few of my events. Don't just take my word for it, let some of my students do the talking!
Mike’s Professional Learning events once again exceeded my expectations. I always come away with many strategies and instructional techniques that I am excited to implement with my students…It is the most useful county PD I've been to. I have gone to this workshop every year, and this was the best year by far. Great job Mike!

P Vickers

Elementary Principal
Mike’s sessions were really awesome!! I wish this would be a two day training opportunity, so we can attend more than just four sessions. It was amazing, I just wish I could have attended more than four sessions. Loved it!

J Green

3rd Grade Teacher
Thank you for taking the time to plan such a useful event. With all the budget cuts and less free PD courses, this workshop is all the more critical for teachers to get abreast of the latest trends in their content areas.This workshop was very well run and helps us get excited about how we can make our lessons more engaging for our students. It offers credibility to the range of technology efforts being made in the education. I also really enjoyed seeing administration in attendance. Their presence sent the message that this was important. Keep up the good work. Looking for more professional development.


High School Principal


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